Sunday, March 20, 2011

Items every green household should have

When we go shopping we tend to buy the same or similar things. That is why the marketers change the shelf dispaly every now and then just to make us buy stuff we were not planning to get. So do you buy products you need or are you a victim of marketing?

If we are attempting for a green household, what items should we have?

1. White or distilled vinegar 
- a great disinfectant used for household cleaning and also as a natural softener

2. Baking (cooking) soda
-moisture and odor remover, component of ecological household cleaning, stain remover, jewelry polisher, washes pesticides of your fruit and veggies

3. Eucalyptus or tea tree oil and grape seed extract
- both have antibacterial properties, can be used in our washing as well as cleaning

4. Lemon
- fantastic natural fragrance and odor neutralizer, hair conditioner, anti-grease agent,  ant deterrent,
 anti-bacterial agent e.g. to clean chopping boards, amongst others

5. Washing soda
-needed for your laundry washing

6. Castile and gall soaps
-perfect for efficient and environmentally friendly laundry washing free of stains

7. Microfiber cloth
-is ideal for detergent free cleaning of windows, mirrors, delicate surfaces etc

With these there is no need to spend a lot of money on dangers chemicals that destroy our nature and pollute our home air quality. 

"Be gentle on your home" 
(a Feng Shui principle)


  1. Thank you, Hanna. Very useful advices. I use to have some of these products at home.

  2. Nous n'héritons pas de la terre de nos ancêtres, nous l'empruntons à nos enfants (Saint-Exupéry, famous writter french,(cocodrilo)).