Monday, November 21, 2011

Forget bricks, plastic bottles are in!

One man's trash, other man's treasure. If only we all applied this slogan, we would get rid of piles of waste polluting this Earth.
Waste is a huge issue in all countries, let alone the developing world. ECO-TECH, a building technique which was born in 2000 with the vision of a German Andreas Froese, has been behind the construction of plastic bottle houses worldwide. The latest construction has been made in Nigeria of some 7,800 plastic bottles that would otherwise pollute local land and waterways. 
Andreas' invention tackles three big issues -poverty, insufficient housing and pollution- as he travels through impoverished world regions teaching locals how to apply this simple yet efficient technique. Collected plastic bottles are filled with construction waste or dry soil rather than sand forming a basic building block instead of bricks. These are secured with mud or other material creating a firm and insulated structure that is bullet proof and resistant to earthquakes. Besides, this construction is thought to be stronger than conventional one. 

With solar panel on the roof top, this is the greenest and coolest (indeed, no air-conditioning required) building I can think of for Africa. Next one up in Nigeria, a 220,000 plastic bottles school. And watch out for all the other ECOTECH constructions elsewhere.
Even better news is that Andreas is not the only one. Others were inspired by waste lying around and started their own creations. Plastic bottle green house that stand in gardens of many or a doormat created from the plastic bottle tops by Ervin Matela (Czech Republic) to name a few.
Don't you just love this? Thumbs up for you guys!

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