Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nature is speaking… it has always been...

"The best thing a human could do for this world is to lie down and die" said a friend of mine when years ago we were debating a way forward. It has stroke me how harsh but truth this was. Human arrogance has carried us to the cliff. We, humans, have boosted about their cleverness but we have lost all our wisdom. What is our intelligence for when we are not wise enough to know how to use it? 

For decades Deep Ecologists, spiritual leaders and those connected to nature have been recognizing the need of humanity to step back and to recognize other beings as more than a convenient resource. Animals, plants, rivers and lakes, forests and mountain tops have been subject to human exploitation due to greed.

Today, when we stand on the cliff of little return, it is our celebrities who warn us. Perhaps this time we will listen? Perhaps this time we will reflect and do more than rise a Facebook thumb...

Deepest reverence to you, mama Earth.

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