Friday, April 1, 2011

Household voluntary slavery...

Ah, and ultimately, the ironing.

I admire all those who pile their freshly dried clothes for days. Some people like to dry their clothes and throw them on a heap, add more and then for days look with frustration on how to get rid of this pile of creased shirts.

Why do we create unnecessary work at all cost? 

Here is what to do:
  • Once you washed your clothes take them out of the washing machine as soon as possible to limit the creasing. 
  • Shake them well so they extend and dry them with care. 
  • If you dry your shirts and T-shirts on a hanger so you can wear them without ironing. Once they are dry, and even if you do not consider them perfectly ready for wearing, leave them on the hanger until the day when you iron them. There is no need to create more creases then there are, and if you have extended and shake your clothes well, there will be no creases. 

    The Rethink Hanger by Chinese designer Xuan Yu is essentially a hook from 
    old plastic bottles forming a clothes hanger.

    Less ironing is less frustration and saves energy - iron is one of the biggest household energy 'eaters'. So make sure you iron only the necessary pieces.

    Avoid being like my auntie who irons even the socks and creaseless T-shirts, only to fold them and pile them in the wardrobe. For her, the straight deep creases from folding do not mater... I hate to watch how she makes a slave of herself.

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