Monday, April 11, 2011

Green treasure - worm composting

Hi there earth lovers,

I have been getting itchy to recycle my food scraps but find it difficult in my city apartment. I have been researching the options and although some enthusiasts have invented the Nature Mill for city apartments, I'm somewhat hesitant as I question the capacity and form. The point in composting is to use the power of nature and little of your work to turn your biodegradable waste into a fertile soil.

It seems other have been on top of the issue so perhaps those living in the cities might be able to turn food waste into magic soil soon. Lets hope that John and his team will succeed in promoting such initiative and all of us from cities can then reduce our waste.

By the way, already San Francisco leads the way with its composting law.

Now, I wonder how many of you have a house with a garden and how many of those actually do compost??? Errr, maybe I should not have asked cause Im not ready for the answer ;-)

Anyway, if you have a piece of garden and you wonder how to compost  here is a little video tip for you from National Geographic.

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