Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boost your immunity

Sipping my cold cat's claw drink originating from Peru with lemon and honey, I thought I would share with you some tips on how to boost your immunity naturally; that is based on herbs rather than overpriced food supplements. 

Well developed body's defense system depends on equilibrated lifestyle, which includes:
  • proper nutrition (plenty of greens, raw or freshly cooked as opposed to processed foods with preserving agents, colorants and low nutritional value; limiting sugar intake to natural sugars such as fructose, honey, stevia)
  •  exercise (whichever suits you best other than TV zapping)
  • sufficient rest 
  • reduced stress – smiling therapy, meditation and breathing exercises help as well knowing that nothing is more important than your mental, physical and spiritual health
  • avoiding vaccinations and antibiotics that attack destroy beneficial bacteria in the stomach thus undermining your immune system
  •  prevention is where your health starts

Natural immunity boosters and remedies 
1. Cat's claw from Peru immunity stimulator that fights off infections and degenerative diseases and is also used for stomach problems.
2. Curcuma is a fabulous spice for exotic dishes and makes a great tea with notable antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. In combination with ginger and ginseng, curcuma as a tea is fantastic to eliminate menstrual pain. It stimulates bile flow thus reduces digestive problems.

3. Echinacea as tea or drops prevent and treat upper respiratory tract infections as well as the common cold.

I hand picked my rose hip in Italy's Appechio region this year during my meditation walks.

4. Eucalyptus tea (from the tree leaves) has similar properties. I drink before and after flights, when exposed to city pollution and during flue seasons. It works wonders if you happen to loose your voice - drink lemon-honey eucalyptus tea several times per day.

5. Garlic has cardiovascular, anti-microbial and antineoplastic properties. I crash a clove of garlic into a variety of salads or a hot soup right before eating it to prevent and treat colds. Zucchini pasta with roasted garlic is a delicatessen. Combine parsley with garlic to avoid bad breath.

6. Ginger - fresh or powder will help you reduce inflammation, cardiovascular conditions, blood clots and cholesterol. 

7Gingko Biloba is used against free radicals, radiation. 

8Ginseng - Panax ginseng known as Korean ginseng has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, and is good for diabetes patients. 

9. Rose hip is the best source of vitamin C thought to be containing 50% more vitamin C than oranges. Rose hip tea will relieve the symptoms of kidney disorders, will cast away mild constipation and its anti-inflammatory properties have recently proved useful in the treatment of knee or hip osteoarthritis. If making tea from dried and crashed fruit, use paper sieve to avoid swallowing tiny hairy bits that could create a reaction.

This is just a selection of my favorites, however, if the above are not widely available in your region, look for local immunity boosters that will be perfectly suited to boost your immunity in your climate. Eg. Chinese use reishi mushroom to prolong life improve health, strengthens immunity, relieve urinary infections. While Italians rely on pomegranates with high levels of antioxidants to keep immunity in check, supply vitamin C and even fight cancer.

Let's listen more to our bodies and rely on nature to keep fit. It works! The best example is my grandmother who celebrated  90th birthday this year and still goes to collect local herbs for her own teas and remedies. 

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  1. I forgot about a fantastic immunity booster - CELERY. It is not only vegetable full of vitamins and minerals, it is also a great medicament fighting all kinds of infections, preventing and slowing cancer. Celery juice is a great anti-inflammatory that can relieve arthritis, gout, it works well for detoxification, it helps certain liver conditions. It has diuretic properties and helps to find all kinds of infections.

    There is so much celery can do for you that it would deserve a separate article. Don't forget raw celery is always best as juice or raw salad from celery root.