Friday, October 12, 2012

The global food waste scandal

Tristram Stuart, founder of www.feeding5k.orgTED London 

I recently heard from a former Monsanto employee that if it was not for their GMO and related herbicides and pesticides, people would go hungry. Well, we have their solutions and yet, people go hungry. It is more, their solutions create two lines of problems:

-first environmental destruction and health problems related to the production of the food 
-second, and worse, environmental damage resulting from the food surplus

For instance, "US has twice as much food that it requires to feed their people" (Stuart, TED 2012). Now, guess where the surplus is going.

Just watch for yourself to see how we all are part of it.

Here is how you can be part of food waste change:
1) Stop wasting food
2) Create awareness by sharing the news on Facebook and twitter 
4) Sign the Feeding the 5000 pledge and make your voice heard

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  1. Excellent! I must keep up with your blog!

    Thank you.
    Jonathan David Lake
    Founder: GreenTV

  2. Thank you, Jonathan. Lets role up our sleeves "green it"! :-) Hopefully others will join this quest.