Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chic presents without shopping

Have you ever wanted to give a special present to someone without going shopping? Have you ever wondered what to do with the numerous things you have and don't need? Trashing, recycling or giving away old stuff was no longer an option?

I have always admired patch work art but never understood why there is a need to cut a large piece of cloth only to sew it again. More logical would seem to me taking old clothes that have no use and create a patch work table cloth or a cover. Although I know little about it, was not that the original way how patch work was born? I would assume so.

I took up the challenge of creating a present without the need of buying anything new. Stuff that I had no use for were the ingredients.

Spared table mat, old children's pants, broken fridge magnet and a ribbon

Here is the result after a few hours work. A big smile of a 5 year old!

Can you tell the "Hugs&Kisses" teddy was broken with one ear missing? 
So how about getting rid of your "trash" by upcycling it into Christmas presents? Here are some ideas. Remember, the challenge is to make use of the old stuff. Buying things is the easiest thing to do!


  1. Hani, díky za odkaz...taška je skvělá...Představ si, že jsem už jednou hvězdu vyrobit zkoušela. Natrápila jsem se u toho dost a vůbec mě nenapadlo takhle začít...díky :-)))

  2. Ty máš zlaté ručičky, Tvé výrobky vždy zahřejou u srdce.