Monday, May 9, 2011

Going nuts is great

Two weeks back I 'went nuts' with my two Italian girlfriends in Ravenna. We were testing ways of going green. Although we were skeptical at first, going nuts seemed like the perfect option.

We visited Natura Si and purchased a pack of brown dried Himalaya fruit which was promising great results. During our fantastic fruit/ vegetable based lunch with local wine and prime olive oil, we did our best to "sporcare" (verb originating from the pig) the table cloth with heavy stains. Few more clothes added to fill up the load and off we went to test the nuts - we cut 5 into pieces and placed into a small bag with the laundry.

The miracle was disputed the minute la 'mama' took the washing out. "Here is a stain!" She ran back, placed all laundry back into the washing machine with a bleach before we could say anything. "Mama mia"was my reaction, "the stains need to be pre-washed naturally before". This is when we went nuts again. I thought it was the end of our natural washing. ;-((( Luckily, the next load with sweated clothes was washed sparklessly. 100% natural saponing, this is my best choice for washing.

I love the Sapindus Mukorossi tree and I wish I could grow it in my garden.

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