Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rethink "waste" - wake up your arty soul

Green living is thinking out of the box. There are so many people who give new life to old stuff and I have a great admiration for them. But you do not need to be an architect, designer or artist by profession to re-do things. All of us have an artistic soul and can make amazing stuff. Besides, don't you feel great about things you create yourself?

It is simple: use stuff that you would throw away. Think of "waste" as a material for creating something new and remember one man's waste, other man's treasure.

Here are a few inspirations. I particularly love Michelle's garden chandelier, bottle holder and bath rug made of old towels. You do not need to be an architect, designer or artist by profession. Let your imagination run wild.

And if you are an impulsive wine drinker, here is a garden torch from your wine bottles. So isn't green living fun? Sometimes it is just about letting away your fear and emerge in creation, it does wonder for your soul.

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Be arty, creative and enjoy! Don't forget you can up-cycle anything.


  1. Skvělé nápady! Recyklace jedna báseň...líbí se mi to :-)))

    1. Pozor, tohle je upcycling. Recyclace je zpracovani materialu na material prvotni za pomoci energie apod. Vetsinou se znehodnoti material a vyrobi se druhorade produkty, napr. papir se recykluje jen 7krat, textilie se temer nerecykluji a konci na skladkach nebo ve spalovnach.