Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tips you can APPLY TODAY to green your living

There are many people who would like to contribute to the sustainable living but they get hold off since they do not know how. Recycling is no longer counted as a contribution, rather it is a must. Although green living requires change of mind/ habits, it is only by doing that you can bring up the change. So roll up your sleeves and see if you can apply these 10 tips today:
  • Defrost your fridge/ keep it running at low level freeze/ ensure it is not overloaded so the air circulates
  • Turn down your water heater to temperature below 40°C
  • Check and reduce the cycle of your washing machine (I keep them under 1hour)
  • Do not buy more harsh and toxic household cleaning products/ cosmetics
  • Eat as much fresh food as you can/ avoid frozen and processed food with preservatives that have a large footprint
  • Eliminate or reduce meat and dairy products consumption - it will improve your health
  • Shop local, buy local and bio/ organic as much as you can
  • Stop buying bottled water - your tap water is safer and more environmentally friendly
  • Avoid running excess water when brushing your teeth or dish washing
  • Influence people around you and tell them about benefits of going green

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