Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food in hands of mafia

You might have heard of Monsanto. You might be even using their products or eating food grown with their seeds. Life is good if we can secure plentiful produce, but at what cost? Do we need GMOs and weed control? Some claim: 'yes otherwise we will not be able to feed the whole planet'. Meanwhile, a lot of food is thrown out even before it reaches the consumer and, in different parts of the world, many go hungry. 
Monsanto has been in the eyes of those concerned about health, environment as well as food security and even global security. It is a monster that has penetrated every corner of this planet and most agricultural produce: mustard, okra, rice, cauliflower to name a few. 

Monsanto wanted by Greenpeace and others.
Monsanto crowd established a mechanism in which seed can be owned as their property. There is a simple equation: if they control seeds, they control food, which is the best way to control the world.

I can hear you saying: "Wait a minute food and global security? What does that have to do with me? Leave it to the big guys!' That was what I though as well. But who are the big guys that should protect us, if the regulations bodies such as the FDA (Food And Drug Administration) and governments themselves have been penetrated by Monsanto's malitia?

World according to Monsanto 

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