Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Your Kitchen Garden - fits all sizes

Vitamins are essential in our alimentation yet, our life styles seem to deprive us of a vitamin-full diet. This is mainly because:
  • our food is stripped of nutrients through processing
  • food products may contain harmful preservatives, sulfites, fungicides, as well as pesticides (non-organic food contains less vitamins and nutrients)
  • fresh food loses nutrients during transport (by the time your greens reach your table, they are deprived of more than 50% nutrients - and I bet you they would earn more frequent flyers than you do!) 
So if you are not one of those fortunate people with an abundant daily fresh organic produce at hand and you do not like to overdose yourself with synthetic vitamins, you may want to try the best source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes - SPROUTS.
Mungo sprouts - 3rd day
Now, the trick is not to buy them (because you will most likely run into some of the above problems), grow them yourself regardless of the size of your kitchen.

Home grown sprouts are inexpensive, delicious, fresh and improve your digestion. From seeds to your mouth, they are the most ecological all year round nutrition (no packaging, fertilizers, transport, storage). If you eat them raw, you keep their carbon footprint close to zero and get most of the nutrients. Sprouting substantially increases the vitamin content. Great for salads, on your sandwich or tossed in cold soups. They are fun!

You can grow alfalfa, amaranth, broccoli, buckwheat, canola, garbanzo, gamut, lentils, peas, quinoa, wheat and others. You just need a glass gar or a bowl, water, organic seeds and patience as you need to rinse them twice a day to avoid possible mold. Ready to go. 
Find more information on how, what and why. Have fun creating your kitchen crop!

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