Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anti-mosquito remedy

Summer nights are fantastic but can have their drawbacks - mosquitos. Many chemical repellents promise an immediate solution with unspoken secondary effects: they protect you against mosquitos while affecting your health. Toxic substances can penetrate through your skin and respiratory system. Also, aerosol sprays don't belong to environmentally friendly products. 

My rule of thumb is: Don't put on your skin what you would not eat! That is why I end up with beer or lemon on my hair, argan oil on my face, olive oil on my skin and apple vinegar in my bath. :-)

While looking for natural alternatives, tea tree oil essence has been my best mate in places where mosquitos do not let you sleep. 

Apply a few drops directly on your skin or dilute 100% tea tree oil essence with little bit of olive or other edible oil. The strong smell of tea tree oil repels mosquitos and you can be sure they do not bite you. Depending on where you are, you might need to re-apply this natural remedy. As an efficient disinfectant, tea tree oil can be applied on mosquito bites as well. Alternatively, you can treat them with vinegar that takes away the itchy part as well. 

Tea tree oil has many other uses for health as well as cleaning. It effectively treats acne, yeast infections, eczema and fungi, has antiseptic properties, can be used against lice, dandruff and dry scalp. In any case, try a small amount of the oil on your skin first to test your skin sensitivity.

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