Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Changing the world, one household at a time

Lately I have been asked:

"What is it about the "going green"? 
"My salami in the fridge often turns green, Im I eligible to join the 'green goers'"?
"Should I join in, does it make sense if one goes green when we live in a world of 8 billion?"
"What exactly do I need to do?"
"Reduce, reuse and recycle" is it something to do with our life partners?" ;-)

Well, well, well... while the the Go Green: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle slogan can be applied to many things, what we obviously mean by those three principles is "to live more in synch" with the nature. If these principles are applied by each one of us we can change the world one household at a time.

The change is rooted in "our thinking" which affects "our doing". If we just stopped taking things for granted and though about the our habits and stuff we are using, we would be better off. When in doubt, ask yourself:

"Where is it coming from, where does it go" and, importantly, "where does it end up?"

Take just one day of your life to observe your habits, what you are doing and how. What products you are using and how you are effecting the nature. And let us know how it is going, we will be happy to read your comments.

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