Monday, February 4, 2013

Life sentence for Ecocide?

We cannot achieve any change towards sustainability, if polluting is free of charge, or even promoted and subsidized (e.g. landfill subsidies), while sustainable practices are discriminated. 

How can we let those who get rich on exploiting the Earth - our common property and the condition of our lives - to get away with their irresponsible actions? 

Ecocide is a crime:
-against nature 
-against humanity 
-against future generations
-against peace 

It is time (or even well overdue) that we spoke and acted on such issues. Now you can vote to make Ecocide crime in the EU! Please sign the petition here

Details of citizens' initiative to be backed by at least one million EU citizens can be found here.

Polly Higgins - Ecocide, the 5th crime against peace

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